Advantages of French Drain Over Other Waterproofing Methods

The French Drain is the installation of a drainage system either inside or outside your basement, to keep water and humidity away from it. It was endorsed by a 19th century lawyer, Atty. Henry F. French, who also served as an Assistant US Treasury Secretary; hence, eventually having his name on the drainage method. It’s now one of the best basement waterproofing used in many homes, and is a great consideration for you to think about.sadsadsadsad

What are the Advantages of French Drain?

The French Drainage system has lots of advantages over other waterproofing methods you can have. This makes it a good option for you to think about in choosing the best waterproofing you would apply in your basement.

Basically, the French Drain can be installed either internally or externally. Internal installation involves pumps and drainage that is made to eliminate water that have come in to the basement. On the other hand, external installation involves pipelines place in the soil surrounding the basement to prevent water from reaching the basement walls. With these basic differences, you can choose which one do you need or you want to achieve with a waterproofing.

Another advantage this type of waterproofing method can provide is high reliability in keeping water away from your basement. With the internal installation, water can be easily flushed out, while you can keep the good condition of your basement walls with external installations. You can also use it together with some internal sealants for additional protection to your basement.

There are still lots of advantages the French Drain can provide. Call your local basement waterproofing companies now, and know more about this type of method you can have. You can also inquire about some other waterproofing methods you can consider as additional options. Keep your basement protected from water and humidity with excellent waterproofing.