Art Of Wushu Dance

People often mistake the lion dance with the dragon dance, but they are completely different; the dragon dance is what you see on the streets during Chinese New Year and other celebrations but the lion dance involves professionals moving like a lion while wearing a lion costume. 377290_10150335230226920_688066919_8500383_234075512_nThe lion or wushu dance, as well as all the other Chinese cultural dances, are incredibly enticing; you wouldn’t believe how long they practiced and performed in order to be called professionals. If you visit you’d be able to get a good grasp at the whole concept of the dance and the professionalism involved.2011-09-13 13.51.01

Lion Dance

Basically, the wushu dance is performed by numerous martial arts schools and lion dance troupes, in the spirit of huge occasions; the biggest of the occasions are the Mid-Autumn Festival and of course the Chinese New Year. A traditional lion dance needs two performers inside an artistic lion costume. As you can imagine, the performers become the body of the lion since one is designated at the front as the head and front limbs while the other is placed behind as the hind legs and lower body. The legs of the performers needs to be dressed in the exact same color of the lion’s body; there are times when the feet also need to be of the same color in order to mimic the paws.

The wushu dance is performed as a way to scare away evil spirits as well as deliver fortune and good luck to the audience; it also doubles as a way for students at Kung Fu schools to demonstrate many of their abilities and skills. As we mentioned, they are performed during huge celebrations but dancers can also be hired to execute the wushu dance at birthdays, weddings and even business openings.

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