Brush with talent

As I looked out over the sunny lake from the window of the bus this morning, movement in the seat behind me caught my eye. Someone familiar was seated there. He was absorbed in conducting, with appropriately subdued-for-the-bus gestures, the sheet music on his lap. Before I got off the bus I glanced back. He had stopped conducting to bite his nails and gaze out the window. By the time I left, half a minute later, he was conducting again.

Visit the Ozarks!

MSNBC has a great travel story on the Missouri Ozarks and how beautiful the National Scenic Riverways are in the fall, which is when Tom and I usually try to go. Besides being beautiful in fall, that's the time in the Ozarks when the chiggers won't eat you alive. But I'd like to be there any time regardless of chiggers.

We are planning a trip there, and I'd hate to have read this MSNBC article mentioning some of my favorite places and not have a plan. Reading their mention of the specific springs and other characteristics made my eyes tear up with longing to be there.