Fearsome Facts That’ll Make You Stay Away From Honey Badgers


Honey badger is seriously fearsome creature, but how fearsome can this animal be in the wild? If you think about it, they’re not as big as elephants, fast as cheetahs or as cunning as foxes but a honey badger can stand its own against most of the other animals. So what are these fearsome facts that prove we shouldn’t go up against or even offend a honey badger?

 Honey Badgers are Aggressive


Honey badgers are brave to the point of being aggressive and plainly just wanting to start a fight with other animals. They don’t even care about the size or the aggressiveness of the other animal, that’s one of the main reason why they’re crowned the ‘World’s Most Fearless Creature’ by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records. Due to the physical build of a honey badger and their outright skill, they have more wins than loses when it comes to fights. Humans, leopards, hyenas, lions and pythons are their only real predators.

Killing Prey is Never Quick

If you read a good description of how honey badgers kill their prey, you’d immediately realize that it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. They never go for the quick kill and every hunt can be quite gruesome. Honey badgers have been documented to actually castrate the prey that they caught. A hunt can consist of a honey badger patiently waiting for victims to bleed out or become extremely weak before they start their meal.

Tree Climbing is Easy

So what if they can climb trees? Well, if one is chasing you and you thought that you can find refuge upon a big old tree then you might want to think again. Honey badgers can chase their prey up or down any terrain and this includes tree tops.