GTA V, What’s So Great About It

Grand Theft Auto V, shortly acronym as GTA V, is a game that lets the user enjoy one of the most intelligent, wicket and action packed moments. The game has anincredible following and seems to create a usurp whenever it’s about to launch. The recent one in the series can be accessed via this GTA 5 download option.gta-5-trailer

What’s so great about the game?

Allowing a user to indulge in the adventurous and wild side of the game whilst at the same time getting intrigued on the gameplay, GTA V is one to fall in love with. The game bears great relevance and is built with a venomous satire paired with the intelligent storyline.

Adhering to the genesis of Rockstar games, this game too followed on the curve of adding realism along the lines of experimentation and has multiple new tricks to try out. GTA-5-PC-Screenshot-3 (1)

The Storyline

The game begins with three characters named as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. The characters are drawn up pretty great and keep you on your seat throughout the game time. You’re more likely to immerse yourself into the character and walk into their steps.

Each of the three characters has their background with Michael being a retired in his 40’s and specializing in the art of conning people. Next up is Franklin, a young banger, while Trevor is a volatile criminal and sociopath. Following the life of these characters makes it quite intriguing on the part of the game.

The Map

Rather than confined to the map of previous GTA series games, Rockstar games introduced a new city made on the lines of Los Angeles in this one. The game never feels a nick artificial and offers a great job of providing beautiful scenes all around.

The Extensive Nature of it

The game has multiple individual survival mission and comes with ahost of options to try out. Playing out all the missions would take up around 35 hrs. of time and will keep you on the groove for long. You’re not likely to step of your seat for that time being, are you?

So have your started your journey into the realm of GTA V or are yet laying on the verge of confusion. Don’t be it. Go on, enjoy the game.