Hoover Board Pricing

Hoover boards are essentially hands free scooters which allow you to move forward, brake or reverse using your body movements. It has 2 sensitive foot pads which translate the movements of your feet to direct speed or motion. It is a fun gadget with a super cool factor and this gadget is also available with a handle for kids’ safety and greater balance.hoverboard prices

What to look out for when choosing a hoover board?

  1. Buy straight from the manufacturer or from a reputable store – Avoid buying online or from unknown vendors.
  2. Price range – Being a relatively new gadget in the market the hoverboard prices, we have compared most prices by well-known makers and the price starts from $300 and above. This is the budget you can keep in mind when shopping for a hoover board.

Safety measures

Hoover boards are powered by lithium batteries which if faulty, can overheat in rare circumstances. There were reports in 2015 of hoover boards exploding or combusting. The cause of this seem to be in faulty batteries found in cheap and generic brands.

It is advisable to avoid charging your hoover board overnight or while away from the house.

Avoid buying from 3rd party vendors such as Amazon or eBay where you may end up buying a cheap generic make which may be prone to combusting or exploding.

It is important to follow the general rules of safety when riding a hoover board. Ensure you wear safety gear when riding your hoover board especially outdoors. A helmet, knee and elbow pads can help you in event of any fall. Avoid riding a hoover board in the street or near traffic.hoverboard prices


Safety is important when it comes to any gadget and putting your safety first is fundamental. To ensure you are buying a safe and tested hoover board, you can go straight to the manufacturer and buy it from the source to ensure you are buying a legitimate and safe hoover board.

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