How To Pass A Polygraph Test?

The Lie Detector is a very commonly taken test, or rather the most commonly taken test in the judicial system today and even though it has an acceptance rate of 90%, it obviously has some problems specially because it was made by us humans after all. People have constantly criticized the test saying that the test can be cheated on by trained professionals and sometimes even the people are not guilty can be announced guilty due to the stress and anxiety of the situation.080408-lie-detector-hand-bcol.grid-6x2


The lie detector test consists of a polygraph that measures the levels of your vitals like breathing, heart beat and skin conductivity, which basically means perspiration levels. It basically measures an arousal in your anxiety and stress while the question is asked and while you answer it. It basically means that anyone can be framed in the moment. In the past people have been known to take drugs that will reduce their perspiration and slow down their breathing and heart beat involuntarily and therefore cheat the test.

If you are one of the people who is scared if they will pass their lie detector test or not even though you haven’t done anything wrong then you should continue reading. Do some research on the test and read exactly what happens and talk to yourself during the test, but the examiner shouldn’t know this. In the beginning you will be asked a control question which is basically a simple question like your name or birthplace and this question will check your regular levels for comparison level. The best way to answer such a question will be to be vague like if the examiner asks your name then tell him that he already knows it. Don’t fall under any trap of the examiner and induce high stress levels naturally so that the examiner won’t have any comparison to make.

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