Migraines and more!

This week's dogwood-blossom progress photo.

This weekend was full of warm sunshine, exuberant springtime plant life, and for me, enforced downtime due to migraines that started on Thursday. I biked to the gym after work. During the workout I noticed I was getting more and more miserable with a headache. During a workout there are always moments when a headache seems to recede, and I think hopefully that it was just a tension headache after all. But when I left I didn't even want to ride my bike the rest of the way home, which takes ten minutes in the cool evening air and feels great after a sweaty workout. It seemed like every crack in the pavement was designed to torture me.

Friday was one of those perfect days of sun and warm enough weather to wear shorts as long as you stay in the sun. I and my coworkers, all proofreaders, were given the afternoon off as a thank-you for helping the larger team meet an interim project deadline. It was a thrill to leave at noon, but I was exhausted from Thursday's migraine and from the Imitrex, which takes away the pain but leaves me feeling like I've been pummeled-listless, with a waxing and waning tenderness in my head. I spent several hours working in the yard on Friday in spite of it all. I couldn't persuade myself to go in and lie down, no matter how tired I was, in such beautiful weather. Plus, gardening time is more precious than ever with the classes, job, and homework I'll have for the next ten weeks or so.

I planted some seeds in the ground and some in a starter tray where some of last month's seed starts had died. I did a bunch of similar small chores out there and kept going until about 6:00. Whew! I'm not sure whether I helped myself by being outside on a beautiful day-which has proved to be my life's purpose, as far as I can tell-or whether I hurt myself by doing all that stuff when I was so wiped out.

In any case, the migraine came back with its sharp teeth on Saturday morning. We went to the gym and Tom suggested that I allow myself to quit if my head really started hurting, instead of trying to work through it like I did on Thursday night. We started jumping rope and my head throbbed every time I hit the ground, so I left the gym after only two rounds. I walked home slowly, admiring every tree and lawn and garden being drenched in sun, wishing my head didn't hurt.

When Tom came in, he brought me a sandwich in bed, which was so luxurious! Just as I bit into my sandwich, my college roommate called to invite me to visit her (in Red Bank, New Jersey) after my temp job is over. I spent a day with her in New Jersey about 11 years ago when I was in New York City with another friend. We drove around to see Sandy Hook and Asbury Park and other local sights in a steady pouring rain. I'm really excited about going in summer, and also, now she and her husband have two daughters and own a house, so this visit will have a lot more variety.

I got into my PJs early in the evening and we watched the movie "Lost in Translation," which I liked so much that I'm going to watch it again tonight. The Bill Murray character is so gracious and yet so flawed that I mentally drew the movie out into a Shakespearean tragedy-honorable man with a fatal flaw and all that-though the movie's plot doesn't extend anywhere near that far. And thank goodness, because its bittersweet poignancy is excruciating enough, and I wouldn't want to see this lovable character's ultimate downfall.

What did you think of "Lost in Translation"?