Realities Of Playing Games

Playing poker, whether it be on the actual table and with actual chips, or through online platforms that are similar to qq online is becoming popular nowadays. These could either be for reasons of recreation, and in some instances, actually playing the game for a living. In the case of the latter, it is enshrouded in a sense of mystery and is thus the source of fascination for a lot of people. This article aims to give you a glimpse of what goes on in the life of people who play poker, especially for a living.

You have two Choices


In playing poker, you are often made to choose between online tournaments or live tournaments for poker. The latter is the more popular one, and it usually the harder way around, due to the longer playing hours, as well as the player variance. The latter way is more well-suited for real money making, albeit having many other expenses. A lot of the juicer live tournaments have buy-in rates which are high, and a lot of the players aren’t really able to pay them.

Cash Games: Online vs. Live

The former type of cash game is still a good enough way for players to earn money, even if it has only managed to catch up relatively recently. The reality is, it’s been rather difficult for people to look for good games in the online realm as there are limits which you would have to beat. For the live ones, on the other hand, high stake games are usually close-guarded and are not public in nature, making it a lot harder for you to get access to one.

Taxes to Deal With

Taxes come across as a headache among people at times. The reason for this is that there are instances when 40% of the money would be going to taxes in the US. If your winnings are large, however, this might not necessarily be a big deal.