The Character Boruto

We couldn’t be happier to find the new Boruto series right after Naruto. The continuity is exactly what Naruto fans have hoped for. This new series is sure to thrill its fans, coming with a twist that unravels the past and reveals the future. One could refer to this series as the days of future past where all decision made have real and serious consequences, there is no safe choice, no hiding place, and no evasion, there is only one thing which is power. This is what the previous series, Naruto, brought to the table. Truly an adrenaline rush on a season. You can watch Boruto episodes online as well to catch up with the current episodes. 003_hqdefault

Boruto however is the continuation which features the life of Naruto after he becomes Hokage and marries Hinata to give birth to two lovely children, Boruto who is a reflection of his father’s youth and little Himawari who is also much like her mother, carrying with her the deadly Byakugan.Naruto_the_Movie_2015

Boruto is a typical kid with all the curiosities, loud-attitude and drama children possess at his age, he is a young shinobi in a ninja school where he practices his Ninjitsu and strives to attain greatness like his father Naruto. The nature of his Ninjitsu is wind style and lightening which he is able to manipulate under the watchful eye of his mentor sasuke of uchiha. Boruto specializes in fighting techniques such as shadow clone technique which is signatory of his clan, vanishing Rasengan which is the first of its kind and strange even to his father, sexy  technique which is used as a major distraction especially to male shinobi, gentle fist used in close combat, harem technique, parent and child Rasengan, lightening technique which releases a surge of powerfully destructive and fatal purple lightening, and the wind release technique also known as Gale palm.