Top 5 Online Movie Sites For 2017

Movies are awesome! We all love our Hollywood movies and their equivalents. We like to keep ourselves up to date on the latest incomings. The suspense and the buzz that raves the neighborhood while awaiting the debut of a new movie is simply awe inspiring.

Most of us like to get our movies on the go. The long hours on the computer, working on projects and all… this is a most convenient way to let off some steam. If you are mostly get to watch your movies online then these are the hot top 5 sites that you could visit.


This is undoubtedly the most popular of all movie sites; I mean… everyone knows YouTube. It is dynamic and cuts across a wide variety of visual entertainment. You get a lot more than just online movies from YouTube. It’s the sort of place you go to find videos of a cat brawling with a crocodile or awesome videos of magicians around the world. Basically any form of video can be found there. “If it exists, it’s on YouTube.”



Like the name clearly states, you can find and watch movies online and you could even share this movie with a friend by email. All you have to do is sign up to get unlimited access.


This is a site for free online movies which cuts across all genre; romance, comedy, drama, horror, fantasy and crime/mystery.


Besides having a wide variety of movies to choose from, retrovision pushes a bit further by making available some all time classic TV shows that created a lot of buzz in its time. This is great entertainment for classic movie lovers.


This site offers you more classic movies as well as more recent collections. It also has a forum section where new popular incomings are advertised with dates of release.